Black Leather Jacket + White Collar Dress

Black Leather Jacket + White Collar Dress

DRESS // c/o Choies -- JACKET // H&M (similar) -- HAT // H&M -- SHOES // RACHEL Rachel Roy

all photos by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie; styling by Christopher Payne

I forget who I was talking to the other day, but I mentioned to them that the hard part isn't becoming awesome at what you do but staying awesome at what you do. Consistency is hard. Which is why so few people accomplish it. It takes a certainly kind of endurance and mentality to maintain and many people aren't willing to pay the price. I was reading a blog I used to enjoy the other day and was bummed out when I realized the person hadn't blogged in two years. This industry is still a fairly new one. It's hard. Figuring out how to monetize regularly is an ongoing strategy that takes nerve and a level of fearlessness. 

I celebrated six years of blogging about a month ago. I was going to have a meet and greet for readers but decided to do a thank you dinner for everyone who has had their hand in making Mattieologie a reality. I'm really into keeping my head down and working most of the time, but public, genuine thank you's are important. Expect photos from that soon.

How fantastic is this shirt dress? It's just everything. Just adding a leather jacket to it is enough which are always the best kind of pieces. This is totally a work day at a coffee shop look or grabbing lunch on the weekend ensemble.