Dear Maizah // 10 MonthsDear Maizah // 10 MonthsDear Maizah // 10 Months  

You're just so grown. I can hardly handle it. You have all of these teeth. You're sleeping in your crib. You're like your own person! You're standing more than ever and before you even know it, you'll be walking. This past month has been my favorite because you're laughing and smiling more than ever. That makes me and Daddy so happy. You're no longer breastfeeding and you're eating some legit solid foods. You had some chicken and potatoes the other day, and things got real. Potato got in your hair, and mind you this was all after bath time. But once I saw that perfect smile on your face once that belly was full, it was worth the hassle of a second clean up.

I love you, Pooks.