Dear Maizah // 18 Months

The fact that you are almost two makes me tear up. Last night, after your bath you yawned and looked exactly the same way you first yawned the day you were born. You are certainly not the same little 6 pounder you were two Septembers ago. 

You and Daddy sleep exactly the same. It's the sameness you guys have that makes me happy - what you guys laugh at, what you guys like to eat and the fact that you guys have the same face is just everything. You are pretty laid back like Dad when you want to be and you really like TV like he does too.

However, you are very much your mother's child. You basically threaten my life when I don't feed you French fries fast enough, you take eating very seriously and you love being on the phone. You also can't get enough of yourself when you look in the mirror. 

While you are more precious than words and very cute, it's how smart, strong and independent you are that inspires me - yes, even as your mom. You will attempt to pick up any box you see, you're quite impressive at sounding out words ("apple" is a new fave) and I cannot thank you enough for sleeping in your own bed. 

You are the bee's knees, kid. Can't wait to see what this next month brings us.