Dear Maizah // 20 Months

You're like your own little person. No, really. You like what you like. And you're very clear on what you don't.

What you really like to do lately—now that the weather is warm—is run outside in the front yard with no shoes on. You're like a little hippie. You love flowers (and putting them in your hair). However, you're very anti-bees, ants, flies, birds… pretty much anything that's alive and moves on its own. You're very much your mother's child.


You really like Snapchat. But the filters? Not so much.

You can now count to ten and say the majority of your ABC's, which is impressive if you ask me. I didn't expect stuff like this to happen until you were closer to 3.

You're quite the talker. "Here you go," "Come on," "Morning," and "Hey, boo" are your favorite sayings. It's unbelievable to know that you can say full sentences and effectively communicate with other people.

Your fearlessness is both a gift (for you) and a curse (for me and your father). You’ve figured out how to climb out of your playpen and crib, which means it's time to make some serious adjustments.

You love to draw (which is really just impressive scribbling), and you love colors. You also love to be active and try new things. You are your father's child.

But the thing I love about you most, is that you're becoming your own person.