Dear Maizah: #LoveYourHair
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It's so funny but the best part about motherhood are the everyday routines that you create with your child. With Maizah (who is now #Miniologie because she's hardly a baby anymore) we do her hair every morning before she starts her day and it's one of my favorite intimate moments with her. If there's anything she learns from me as her mom, it's #LoveYourHair.

As a woman of color, our hair always been quite the conversation. I was always a protective style (see: weaves, wigs and/or braids) kind of girl, because that's what I grew up knowing. But even though I wear those styles, I have learned to love my hair. (I love the kinky texture and how it can be manipulated into any style!)

Maizah's hair has grown like wildfire in the last 6 months and it's been important to me that she not only learns a routine for her hair (I never did which is why I gravitate towards protective styles) but also loves what she sees. 

For their #LoveYourHair campaign, Dove recently did a study that revealed 8 out of 10 girls feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way. Because even at a young age, we're told what "beautiful hair" is. I'm teaching #Miniologie that if it came out of her scalp, it's beautiful. It's worthy. Embrace it. She has this wild, auburn curly fro that is so darling and I hope she always loves it and wears it with pride. I love to braid it or twist it and some days it's fun to just let her rock it out freely. Dove also found that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother. I know Maizah will learn about care - particular self-care - from me. 

If there's anything she learns from me I hope she learns: whatever way she chooses to wear her hair, it's beautiful. Because she is.

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