Denim Shirt + Cutoffs

TOP // Forever 21 (similar) -- SHORTS // H&M (similar) -- SHOES // ZARA -- NECKLACE // H&M (similar

PHOTOGRAPHY // Christopher Jamar

Cutoffs are so clutch in the summer. You can wear them with anything - blazers, tunics, off the shoulder tops, bodysuits - and they just come through. When it's time to run some errands in the blistering heat, they're my go to. I love this denim dress I got from Forever 21 last year. It doubles as a top and I really how undone it is. I never iron it (sorry, not sorry) as a way to emphasize that I'm being casual. 

Last week was tough. In addition to the tragedy of gun violence yet again in this country, the week ended with a death in the family. Yeah, man. A LOT.

Wishing you guys tons of love and light.