Everyday Skincare Routine with Jouviance

PHOTOGRAPHY // Christopher Jamar for Mattieologie

I've been really focused when it comes to my skin care lately. We just transitioned out of summer, where the heat can be brutal if you don't take proper care of your skin. As I get more serious about my skin care routine, I notice that more products are involved - I guess for more maintenance. Lately, I've got into eye creams serums, especially - versus just moisturizer after cleansing which has made a world of difference in my opinion. So when Jouviance sent me their line of skin care - which you can find at CVS - I was excited to give it a try. 

For the last 3 weeks or so, I've given the line a whirl. First, after cleansing, I always applied their Jouviance Revive Invigorating Eye Serum. What I like it about it most is how light (and not sticky) it was yet moisturizing. I noticed that my eye makeup looked a lot better after using this for a week or so. It was easier to blend concealer and there was less creasing, which is a total win.

Next, I apply the Jouviance Collagen Boost. They descrobe it as a needle free wrinkle filler and they're right. I don't have wrinkles (God is real.) but what the Collagen Boost did for me was make my skin a lot more supple. Once I hit 30, I noticed my skin being a bit drier than usual and lacking the privilege of elasticity that was a staple in my twenties. This was just the "boost" I needed. Even with no makeup, it brought my skin to life.

Lastly, I would apply the CoActive Anti Aging Formula as a moisturizer. This is here is the hero product in my opinion. I've always looked younger than my actual age, but this refreshed my skin. It has the go to ingredients for all amazing beauty products - retinol - which eliminates any line from even thinking about forming. It firms up the skin and gives what seems like an instant lift that you didn't even know you need. 

All three products together have been amazing to use and a solid addition to my daytime skin care routine. At night I still use the Revive Invigorating Eye Serum & CoActive Anti Aging Formula. I leave the Collagen Boost for the daytime.

Products that double for both day and night time skin care routines are wins in my book. Jouviance nails it. You can find all of the products mentioned and more at CVS and learn more about Jouviance here.

This post was sponsored by Jouviance. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Mattieologie!