Finding A Good Blog Photographer
Finding A Good Blog Photographer

.@180daystohappy would like to know the easiest way to find a photographer for your blog. I tell you how I found my photographer and what the process was for making sure the aesthetic was perfect for my brand.


  • See who others are using for photography.
  • There should be a link on the site to their photographer’s work.
  • If you see a photographer you like, but there isn’t a link to their work on the site, just email the blogger.


  • If you’re on twitter for Facebook, create a quick blurb and ask your followers for suggestions.
  • For example: Post on social media, “Do you guys know of any local photographers looking for work?”


  • Visit or email a school and let them know you’re looking for a photographer.
  • Students are really hungry and eager to start testing their craft.
  • For example: It’s similar to the process of getting an intern.

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