Green Romper + Snakeskin Pumps

ROMPER // c/o Planet Blue -- SHOES // Steve Madden -- SUNNIES // Quay via TOPSHOP (similar) -- WATCH // c/o Timex

PHOTOGRAPHY // Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie
STYLING // Christopher Jamar

Whew. Today ended up being much more productive than I anticipated. I'm in Durham right now hanging out with my parents for the week so they spend some quality time with the baby (girl, they are not worried about me).

But I went for a morning run, made a Target run and got some administrative tasks done. I can't stress how much I loooooooooooove Google Drive & Asana. They are the two things I use to run Mattieologie as a company. In fact, I'm working on a post next week about how much I love it. But from tasks to content to spreadsheets and more - it has streamlined all the work I had to get done today.

On a style note, I will never tire of a romper. It is literally impossible. And I really like the shade of green. It's like a hunter/forest type of green. Like the type of green which I take more seriously. Maybe because it's a little bit darker. 

While this is too short for the typical work environment, I definitely think this could work for a work event off site or even after work drinks. Especially if you find the right type of blazer to pair it with. With 90+ degree weather days currently happening in Atlanta, just imagine the blazer on me.