How An Assistant Can Be Beneficial To A Blogger
How An Assistant Can Be Beneficial To A Blogger

Today I'm answering a Twitter question from @fennellalike who asks, "What exactly does your assistant do? How does the process work and how do you compensate her?" My assistant, Krissy, has been incredibly helpful to me and directly beneficial to my blog's productivity. Some people may wonder why you need an assistant if you're "just a blogger." So I share the 3 main reasons why having an assistant has been beneficial and so so helpful.


  • Krissy manages my calendar and puts ALL of my appointments, meetings, events, etc. in my calendar
  • Having her handling all of my operations and my entire schedule frees up time for me to focus on content


  • Krissy schedules all of my planned out social content to drive traffic to my blog using CoSchedule
  • She has studied my voice and mastered it to a tee so can do anything from pin, tweet or post on FB or IG for me without it interrupting the flow or feel of my social content


  • The luxury of having an assistant around is that Krissy can also help me with my email load
  • I receive 40-50 emails a day - from brands about collaborations, mentor requests, etc - so having her correspond frees up my time to focus on content and paid endeavors


  • We meet twice a week for an administrative/strategy meeting and to record the podcast - she takes show notes while I'm recording
  • I pay her monthly on a retainer via PayPal invoice for tax purposes

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