How To Balance Blogging & Motherhood
How To Balance Blogging & Motherhood

Sharde wants to know how I’m able to handle blogging and being a new mom since she will also be trying to handle the same. I’m going to share what has worked for me since my daughter has come into the world.


  • Consider what you want the feel of your blog to be like when going through maternity leave.
  • EXAMPLE: While motherhood was important to me, I’m not that type of blogger. So I had to balance my blog with fashion and beauty.
  • Make a decision and figure out what days you will be talking about certain topics.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • EXAMPLE: Add on a contributor if funds allow. Or bring on someone that just wants to build his or her portfolio.
  • Open yourself up to guest bloggers. It’s a lot less of a commitment than a contributor.
  • Limiting your schedule is also something to look at.


  • It really is. It’s temporary. Once baby hits the 3-4 month mark, you will find that you’re able to get back to your schedule.
  • It’s a process. It will be a new rhythm, and you will have to learn it.
  • EXAMPLE: Something that worked for you in the past, may not work for you in this new role as a mom.

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