Case of the Mondays You know back in the day, I was like the majority of people. I absolutely dreaded Mondays. It only confirmed that the weekend was over & that there was work to do. No more sleeping in. No more brunches. No more sporadic visits from friends & family "just because it was the weekend."

I'd typically hit the snooze button 3 or 4 times to maximize the amount of sleep I could get while still giving myself enough time to get to work late enough where I wouldn't be reprimanded.

I'd call my mom or one of my best friends during the commute, reminiscing about great the weekend was & how awesome it would be if I just had "one more day." The conversation would eventually take a hard left where bitching of our work situations would ensue right before having to get off the phone to face what we just "hated" so much.

But I've changed. A LOT. And you know what? I actually LOVE Mondays.

Mondays are the starting blocks of the week & when to focus on running the week. Run the week, you guys. Don't let it run you.

Not only do I plan on running the week, I plan on WINNING it.

If you hate Mondays, here are 3 ways not to & how to WIN your week.

How To Beat A Case of the Mondays


I like to take at least 30 minutes on Sunday evening to outline the things I absolutely MUST do for the following week. I try to keep to 10 items or less (2 items each weekday) to ensure that I actually hit my goals. This is a great time to go over schedules for everyone at home - doctor's appointments, classes, content planning, meal planning, etc. - and confirm what day certain things will be completed. If you decide to meal plan, late Sunday afternoons are perfect to prep all of your food. To make sure I don't miss anyone, Sunday nights are also when I list out who I want to email + call during the week.


Instead of hitting the snooze button several times, attack the day by getting up and being grateful to have another Monday. Even if it's hard, when your alarm goes off, GET UP. Get up, get yourself a glass of water and listen or read to something that'll get you excited. Anytime I listen to Myleik's or Pat's podcast, I get fired up and want to tackle the day head on. Listen to your favorite podcast or read your favorite blog to get you going.

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It's so easy to head to work - be it to your 9 to 5, part time retail gig or even for your online business - and dread dealing with people, clients, customers, readers or even your business partner. But before you walk in the office or open your laptop, visualize your day being victorious. Then go in with the attitude that you will complete everything without complaining.

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Make that customer happy by fulfilling their request easily, complete a task before your manager asks & make that call you're dreading early on. Complaining takes a lot of energy. So, does completing. The payoff is greater for the latter.

When you set your Monday up for success, you set your week up for success. Instead of having a case of the Mondays, master your Monday and win your week.