How To Consistently Get Things Done
How To Consistently Get Things Done

This is something that, no matter who you are, is super important. While I’ve written about the daily system that I use to get things done, I’m going to show you the 3 things that help me to follow through on the plans I’ve made for the day.


  • I like to write things down that I need to get done.
  • When I’m outlining, I know not to go past 7 items because that’s usually my limit for the day.
  • I prefer to outline my day the day before. That way, I know what I’m getting into the moment I wake up.


  • What needs to be done that is in your personal life vs. what needs to be done in your professional life.
  • EXAMPLE: If you know you’re going to have a conference call, is it best that you do it in the morning before you run errands? Or is it best for you to end the day with the call?
  • Figure out when you are most productive, and go from there.


  • This is different than organize because it’s a lot more specific.
  • The reason a lot of us aren’t productive is because we don’t have order.
  • When you put your tasks in order, you don’t have to think about it.

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