How To Find Your BBF: Your Business/Blogging Best Friend
How To Find Your BBF: Your Business/Blogging Best Friend

@styled_chic on Twitter and Alona on Facebook want to know the best way you can find someone to confide in and trust in reference to your business. This is so imperative to your growth as a businesswoman (yep, even as a blogger), so here are the top 3 ways to make this happen.


  • You have to be open-minded and know that it may not be the person you expect.
  • It could be someone that you’re already in contact with.
  • Take the next step and approach the person.
  • Doesn’t have to be someone that you see in real life all of the time. Jump on FaceTime or Skype.
  • has the best article on finding your BBF.


  • In the beginning, engage on social media and look for people that are doing similar things that you are.
  • EXAMPLE: Participate on twitter chats, or comment on blogs.
  • After you’ve engaged for a few months, take a step forward and send an email.
  • Be really specific when you reach out via email. Be detail oriented, because that will set your email apart from every other email they get.
  • Add value and show that you all have something in common.


  • When you are trying to start your own business, it can sometimes get lonely. But you have to be okay with your own company.
  • Share what you’re going through with your family.
  • When you wake up, tell yourself affirmations. Be confident.

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