How To Repurpose Your Content
How To Repurpose Your Content

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from Periscope about how to take something you’ve written about and turning it into a video. I will break down the 3 ways to make this happen in a simple, yet efficient way.


  • It's the best way to remind people where they can buy your book or read your content.
  • You’re able to refer people to your other avenues of your content.
  • EXAMPLE: I did a Podcast on a certain topic, but I’ve now written a blog post that I can also refer my readers/listeners to.


  • Go back to one of your old posts and update what has improved since then.
  • EXAMPLE: 1 year ago I did a post on said topic, and this year I will bring that topic up, but in a Podcast.


  • It’s really important to let yourself re-do a piece of content you could have done better in the first place.
  • EXAMPLE: For a specific topic you only gave 400 words, and you know you could have given at least 1000.

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