Off The Shoulder Top + Full Skirt While I've been blogging for the last 5+ years, I've never been more consistent than I am now. I post an outfit post every single (week)day here on Mattieologie - I have done so for the last four months - and it is quite a grueling process. I mean don't get me wrong, I really love being a style blogger, but it's a lot of work. Here's how I pull off shooting 5 outfit posts every week.


Before I even leave the house - typically 24-48 hours before - I plan out all of my outfits. Shooting my looks can be daunting if you don't plan everything out. Everything from jewelry, sunglasses, bags and even what color lipstick I'll wear with a look is taken into account. I then put each look on a hanger and pack my shoes, bags & jewelry accordingly. That way once I confirm a date and time with Kaye - my photographer - I'm prepared and ready to go.


I have to say that Kaye is excellent at scouting locations and I've picked up some of her good habits. The method we use is simply just jumping on Google Maps, typing in a location and looking at it in satellite view. Once we find a loctaion that has great versatility within a mile or so, we grab the address and meet each other there.


In breaking news: I change in my car. I know. Not super luxurious, but it gets the job done. (Every now and again I'll change in a bathroom, but public lavatories aren't always so reliable.) When I "pose" for photos I try my best to move naturally and let Kaye capture me in motion. She gives really great direction, so when she wants to capture the esesnce of a look or a backdrop, she tells me exactly what to do. Sometimes it doesn't work out, most time it does. We're both very visual so we both aim for solid end results.


Because we have a solid system going, Kaye is so great with getting all of these photos to me within a 24 hour period. I edit all of the photos myself - because I'm OCD - and that's how I'm able to post ahead of time if I need to. Because I know what outfits I'm going to post ahead of time since we always shoot a week ahead, I start drafts in Wordpress and title them and link to the products. Then once I get the photos from Kaye, I pick 5-7 photos per post, edit and just place them in the drafted post and schedule them to go live. I don't always schedule posts ahead of time, but because I have ALL the photos, I'm able to batch process and get them done at least a day ahead of time.

How to Shoot 5 Outfit Posts a Week | Mattieologie

I know a lot of you guys have asked how I'm able to post everyday and that's honestly how I pull it off. No tricks, just commitment I put in weekly and execute daily.

How do you guys execute your outfit posts?