How To Start A Podcast
How To Start A Podcast

Today I'm answering a question from Twitter and a question I've been repeatedly asked since starting my podcast with Hubs at the top of the year. I'm finally sharing how simple it is to start a podcast. From what to use to record to how to submit your podcast to iTunes, I cover it all.


  • You can use the basics - your laptop and some headphones
  • We use dynamic mics and the R16 recorder from ZOOM
  • Find the software you're most comfortable with to edit your audio - we use GarageBand (available on Apple products)


  • You need to host your audio somewhere on the Web before posting
  • There's an array of sites to host your podcast - Squarespace (we use this for Mattie & Chris), Soundcloud (what I use for this podcast), Podomatic, Blog Talk Radio & more


  • Before you upload to iTunes, be sure to have you RSS link - the link where listeners subscribe - on hand
  • Go to the iTunes store and select the Podcasts category > click on 'Submit A Podcast' > submit all of your info including the RSS link
  • iTunes usually lets you know their decision in 24-72 hours
  • Every time you submit a new podcast episode to your hosting site, it will appear on iTunes

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