How To Use Images From Other Sites For Your Blog

How To Use Images From Other Sites On Your Blog
How To Use Images From Other Sites On Your Blog

Kyley in Arizona wants to know what advice I could give to anyone looking to use images from another site on theirs.To keep from causing conflict, I will break down the 3 ways you can make this happen.


  • If you credit the person’s photos that you are using, you typically won’t have any problems.
  • EXAMPLE: I will use the word ‘source’ and link the photo to the original location.


  • A license that enables you to allow people to use your work, but only in a certain way.
  • Look into the person’s site and see if they have this license. If they do, read the kind they have.
  • EXAMPLE: Some people will allow you to use their work and fix it to your liking as long as you link back.
  • Read the fine print and abide by their rules.


  • If you don’t see a creative commons license, the best way to use their work is to ask first.
  • EXAMPLE: Shoot a quick email about what you are doing and why their image would fit your work.

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