Leopard Print Top + Slip Ons

TOP // ZARA -- JEANS // Target -- SHOES // ZARA -- BAG // Target (similar) -- SUNNIES // Karen Walker c/o DITTO (use code "MATTIE" for 20% off) -- WATCH // c/o Larsson & Jennings

PHOTOGRAPHY // Christopher Jamar for Mattieologie 

I'm so happy it's still warm here in Atlanta. It's mid October and we're still having 80 degree days. That will soon end in November and so I'm enjoying it while lasts. And you guys know that leopard print is a neutral, right? Like I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It goes with everything and if it doesn't, you don't need to wear it. I always find myself being a lot more courageous when I wear leopard print - I'm a lot more direct and confident in the moves I make.

Even if it just involves me crossing the street. Hey man, I'll a little extra confidence anywhere I can get it.