Letting Go & Letting God

I can't believe how fast Maizah is growing. We shot some photos last weekend and she rode the slide for the first time. She couldn't get enough of it so the inevitable tears came when it was time to leave. 

The hard part was letting her slide alone (with my hand guiding her, of course) after she got the hang of it. She would push my hand away after I brought her back up to the top of the slide and I would get so nervous. 

When I let go she would be fine and in pure heaven coming down the slide that she wouldn't even laugh, just squeal with happiness. 

And it was then that I realized how much more fun we have...how much more we LIVE - when we let go. 

The baby knew I wouldn't let anything happen to her after the first time when she went down the slide safely, so she decided to take on the slide with full enthusiasm and let go of me (and push my hand away every. single. time.) to truly enjoy her way down. This itty bitty person taught me so much about life in a single moment during one of her very first experiences.

As we embark on a new season this month, I plan on letting go and letting God. Everything that I've prayed for and hoped for with all my heart I'm going after with full enthusiasm. After all, I've gotten this far and God hasn't turned his back on me, so I shall keep going regardless of fear (that's part of being human) and what others will say (people will always have something to say).

I'm going for 500.000 monthly blog impressions and $35,000 within the next 30 days, because why not? Letting go of the belief that I'm not good enough to accomplish this. Letting God give me the mindset - as I do the necessary work - to do so.

What are you going to let go of and let God do in your life this season?