#LifeGoals With Jawbone UP2 #LifeGoals With Jawbone UP2

#Goals. That's sort of the trend right now, right? But it's something that I take seriously and with certain life goals I've been slacking. My blog is the most successful it's ever been, but I haven't been sleeping enough or drinking enough water. Your body will tell on you and mine is running its mouth.

Enter Jawbone UP2.

Sort of like #Goals on your wrist. How much sleep do you want to get? (6.5-7 hours. 8 tends to leave me groggy.) How many steps do you want to take to stay active? (10,000 for me!) What time do you want to wake up? (Trying for 6am during the work week. Only if I can get 7 hours of sleep.) You can set these goals all on the UP2 via there UP app. It's actually pretty cool.

#LifeGoals With Jawbone UP2#LifeGoals With Jawbone UP2#LifeGoals With Jawbone UP2

The best part about the UP2 is the look. It's sleek. There's a variety of colors but I chose this champagne metallic (they call it Oat Spectrum; ok, sis) so it worked with my bracelets and watch. But I like how it looks all alone. The clasp is sleek and doesn't ruin your clothes or irritate you when you wear it. I actually went out with friends last night while wearing it and totally served as a bracelet.

#LifeGoals With Jawbone UP2

As we near the end of the year (check out those rhyming skills), I'm getting more serious about my everyday health and making sure I handle my personal goals as well as I handle business.

Excited to see what #LifeGoals I accomplish by the end of the year with my Jawbone UP2.

This post was sponsored by Jawbone UP2. All opinions and comments are my own.