Moto Jacket + Drop Waist Dress

JACKET // H&M - old (similar)-- DRESS // H&M - old (similar)-- SHOES // c/o ShoeDazzle - old -- SUNNIES // Miu Miu

all photos by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie

This weather is something else. But yes, I can realistically wear my legs out without tights and be completely fine in December. Shoutout to global warming.

Finally getting my life together and purging out some items in my closet. I'll give away some might even sell some. I'll probably make a video of the process in the case you guys need some insight on how to clean out your closet. But there are some things in there I just need to let go.

Such is life, right? There are some things that I'm going to leave in 2015. That secret feeling that I'm not good enough to make it without a 9 to 5, the tendency to think that my naysayers might be right & that I have to follow certain rules to be as successful as I want to be. Those things just don't fit me anymore. I'm not giving them away or selling those ideas. Those three are going straight to the trash.

As we clean out and let go in 2015, what are you deciding to let go for good?