Mattie James, Mattieologie When I was younger, my disciplinarian West African didn't allow me and my sister to watch TV on the weekdays. We could only watch on Fridays, Saturdays and up to 8pm on Sundays. So I had told myself when I was an adult I would make up for all the TV I missed out on. (I didn't really miss out on too much thanks to recording episodes on VHS.) But still, as a kid & teenager, my dad's TV rules made me prioritize TV later on.

Fast forward to the present, I watch a lot of TV on demand. Thanks to XFINITY X1 OnDemand, I have access to the top 100 shows on TV. Their latest episodes stream the day after they go live for the duration of the season. And for someone who has a 13 month old, this is huge. I rarely watch any TV live. I just don't have that luxury with my schedule. There are the reality TV guilty pleasures I indulge in alone, juicy dramas I partake with my sister and favorites I enjoy with Hubs.

During the summer, I'm not particularly attached to any TV show because the fall/winter season has a slew of fantastic programming. Here are my personal favorites.


To say we're obsessed is an understatement. In its sixth season you'd think that TWD would start to fall off but they're only getting better. The bad news? They're at the point where anyone (except for Rick) can die. The good news, they just got renewed for a seventh season.


So funny and I feel like not many people watch the show. They won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy last year and rightfully so. Andy Samberg and co. do a superb job writing the show - I especially enjoy their guest stars.


Honestly, this is the best comedy on TV right now. And that's saying a lot because there's a lot of gooooooood TV on air right now. But Black-ish does a great job tackling issues of race and class hitting the nail right on the head without sacrificing comedy or authenticity. Also: Tracee Ellis Ross is perfect.


I've been with this show since the beginning and I have to admit that they alomst lost me last season. Since season 3 (they're currently in season 5), the writing has been underwhelming. But I will say that the writing has been revived this season. They're getting back to the bare bones of "gladiating" this season while staying true to the current storyline.


The most ridiculous show on TV right now has to go to Empire. It is over the top, musically entertaining and unrealistic enough to pull you in every single Wednesday night. Taraji P. Henson has never been better and Timbaland on the music is just perfect, perfect, perfect. Lee Daniels gives you troubled back story for each of his complicated characters per usual. Predictable but doesn't cease to entertain.


What Mara Brock Akil & co. do every week with this show is impressing. It's real, maybe almost too much at times, but it's an honor to have some telling a woman of color's story. It tackles relationships from all angles with a cast of unrealistically good looking Black people. Gabrielle Union is a treat as the lead character and so far season 3 has delivered.


My ultimate guilty pleasure right now. Ray J is still Ray J and seeing childhood faves like Omarion and [Lil] Fizz as grown ups is interesting. Yes, the typical drink gets thrown in people's faces and the drama is over the top, but we all like seeing a train wreck, no?


You watch it, too. Looking forward to the new season at the end of November.


Jimmy Fallon and the Roots are a household favorite here. Their skits and humor never seem to disappoint and it seems as though Jimmy's finger is finally healing. In fact, late night TV as a whole is really good. Kimmel is hilarious is his own right, Conan keeps us laughing and Trevor Noah as the new host of The Daily Show is a refreshing change. And Stephen Colbert taking over The Late Show has yet to do anything but please me.

This post was sponsored by XFINITY. All thoughts and opinions are my own.