My First Time in California

My First Time in California

Two weeks ago, I was invited to visit and experience Long Beach, CA. And as someone who had never been to California before, I was pretty excited. I had heard great things about LA and how it would totally be my vibe, but Long Beach was much more laid back with local gems here and there. 

The thing about Long Beach that I love is how perfectly mild the whether is. It was never above 75 degrees which is totally my cup of tea. The airport is so low key and instantly gives you Cali vibes as soon as you arrive with the view of the palm trees.

On Thursday night, they had a gorgeous reception for us at Hotel Maya which was so gorgeous I couldn’t deal. I did manage to get some good photos for Snapchat and Instagram. I was like have to come back and stay here. 

On Friday, we had the chance to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art and Museum of Latin American Art which I really got into. I’m far from an art buff, but the pieces at both museums blew me away. Then we had some delicious tacos for lunch (and a couple of margaritas) before getting in the water.

I have never done any water sport in the history of my life, so when they asked me to try paddleboarding I was like, this could go a lot of ways. Luckily, I didn’t end up in the water. But if definitely works your core and legs like no other. 

For dinner, they spoiled us to a “dine-around” where we visited 4 different restaurants for different courses. The main course was at Michael’s which has the most delicious pizza and pasta that I had no business eating. 

Saturday afternoon, we had the chance to watch attend the World Series of Beach Volleyball and it was really good. We watched USA beat Italy and both teams were so good. 

We took a gorgeous gondola ride before eating our final dinner in LBC, which was so picturesque. We had dinner at Boathouse on the Bay which was so good, I forgot to take pictures.

I honestly ate so much (and so good) in Long Beach that I can't recollect ever being hungry. And my stay at the Hyatt Centric Long Beach was fantastic. It had such a boutique hotel feel and we were near so much shopping and restaurants - there was ALWAYS something to do.

Long Beach was so fantastic and I definitely plan on visiting again. A huge thanks to Kimberly, Loren and everyone in LBC who helped make the trip special.