Sequin Top + Black Denim

TOP // H&M (similar) -- DENIM // Old Navy -- SHOES // RACHEL Rachel Roy 

all photography by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie; styling by Christopher Jamar

I just realized that I haven't watched #Scandal in two weeks and haven't missed it. Boy, do things change.

I remember when I used to be early for #Scandal. Tweeting 3 tweets per minute about it. It's not that I don't like it anymore. I just have better things to do. 

It is what it is. Sort of like this outfit. I thought it would be too plain. Yes, an outfit with a sequin turtleneck would be too plain. LOL. I surprise myself sometimes. But the look is enough. And so is not watching TV. I've actually been reading a lot more and man, what a read. I haven't felt this together in...ever.

During a podcast I did with Hashtags + Stilettos a couple of weeks ago I said, "To change the output, you must change the input."

To change the output, you must change the input.

T W E E T  T H I S.

I'm aiming for different things in my life currently. So I have to do things differently.