Shaking Up The Summer

Shaking Up The Summer

Is it me or has it been scorching lately? Yeah, and with our luck the A/C is broken. (Eeeek!) No worries at all. Cool treats - like milkshakes - are always a quick fix to the heat and super fun to make with the family. I've been doing pretty good on my "stay snatched" diet these past few days so I snuck in one of my favorite treats - a Cookies n' Cream milkshake.

For this instance, I needed the help of Promised Land milk and Breyer's Cookies n' Cream ice cream (which is my absolute) favorite. It's so perfectly creamy and delicious and you forget for the 10 minutes you consume it that the sun is sitting on the back of your neck. I headed on to Kroger, grabbed my ingredients and made this milkshake happen. Here's my go to recipe for a cookies n' cream milkshake:

1/2 cup of Promised Land whole milk
7 scoops of Breyer's Cookies n' Cream ice cream
5 Oreos (4 broken up; 1 whole)
whip cream

Blend your 7 scoops of Breyer's in with your milk. You can add more milk if the shake is too thick for your liking. After blending for 60 seconds, add Oreos and blend for another 60-90 seconds. Pour into a glass, add whip cream and garnish with whole Oreo. Voila! Do you self a favor and make yourself one of these after a long, very hot summer day. Makes you forget about all of your problems.

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