Shift Dress + Caged Pumps

DRESS // ZARA -- BAG // ZARA -- SHOES // Steve Madden

STYLING // Christopher Jamar

I'm totally in formation with this look. Last night, I went to my first Beyonce concert and I can't even express in words how fantastic she was. She really knows how to get a girl motivated to get in the gym & elevate her work ethic. 

It's crazy that we're in May already - doesn't it feel like the year just started yesterday? Like, seriously. We've been doing a lot of organizing on the back end as we get ready to enter summer - which gets busy for me. So today has been a lot of logistics and operations. Because I'm a nerd, I'm really excited about it. We're organizing the content on the site a little differently you'll see in the coming weeks (thanks to one of Pat Flynn's latest podcasts) and I can't wait to show you.

Plus, my social media manager is back from maternity leave. Today is a GOOD day. (Welcome back, Krissy!)