Sleeveless Top + White Pumps


PHOTOGRAPHY // Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie
STYLING // Christopher Jamar

Neutrals are what my wardrobe has graduated to. I've learned that neutrals won't be boring if you pay attention to silhouette, texture and fit. It also serves as an amazing palette to make any color or metallics you wear in your accessories or makeup pop. But the best thing about neutrals? They make fast fashion look expensive. (One of my favorite styling tricks!)

If you're in a creative field, this is totally a look for the office now the weather is warm. The top is sleeveless but long and appropriate. While the pants I opted for here are some drawstring joggers, a tailored pant makes this look totally office appropriate.

I was going to make a change with my blog, but realized I was totally overthinking it which was causing me to underperform. (Hence, why this is the first time I'm posting this week.) I thought that now I was posting informational content (posts about blogging, branding and entrepreneurship) that my style posts needed to be "informational", too. The thing is style blogging for me has always been inspirational. When I need an outfit idea for an event, occasion or when I buy a new piece, style blogs give me ideas. I hope that's what my posts do for you, too.

So, as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Maybe my style posts may graduate to being "informational" but for now I'll stick to serving inspiration.