Striped Skirt + White Collar Shirt

SHIRT // H&M -- SKIRT // TY-LR c/o Rent The Runway -- SHOES (not seen) // Aminah Abdul Jillil -- NECKLACE // Loren Hope c/o Rocksbox (sign up with my code MATTIEBFF7

all photos by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie; styling by Christopher Jamar

It's funny because so many times in life we focus on what we can't do. "I can't go here because I have kids. I can't do this because I don't have the money. We can't do this because of the weather." Funny enough, this skirt taught me that you have to make things work.

Last week when we scheduled to shoot, we had an idea that it would be cold, but in real life it was way more severe than anticipated. It was really the wind. It felt like 10 degrees. It was just so much. Then when I tried this skirt on, it was much longer than anticipated. But, it was still good. Actually better. Because change is unexpected, it usually triggers fear in many people which results in negative connotation. But change is inevitable, so our we should expect it at any time, no matter how well we planned.

You guys who read the blog know we typically shoot outdoors. Because it was cold, we shot in the hallway of a building which turned out better than I expected. The cool thing about change is that it forces you to try new things. New things you didn't even know you wanted. New things that can make an old situation better. Like this new (borrowed) skirt with a shirt I've worn a million times. 

I'd wear this to work holiday party or some type of formal event for work because of the button up. You could switch the button up out for a dressy crop top to make it more on trend for a really nice date. Even prom.