Striped Wrap Dress + Black Hat

DRESS // c/o Planet Blue (similar) -- HAT // H&M -- SHOES // ASOS -- BAG // ZARA -- SUNNIES // Persol 

PHOTOGRAPHY // Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie
STYLING // Christopher Jamar

Is it me or is the wrap dress like the undefeated champion in your closet? It is in mine anyway. You can wear that thing anywhere - work, a party, a date, church, a funeral (in black of course) and it works for EVERY BODY SHAPE. If you don't have one, get one immediately. I'm a sucker for stripes, so this is one is perfect for me.

Now that we have more daylight - I'm feeling a lot more productive nowadays. My wake ups have gotten earlier (I'm working on making 4:30a my regular rising time) and I just have a lot more energy. Maybe it's because I drink more water (or because I'm working out more), but even when I'm tired, I'm able to "push through." God bless you, Summer. I love you.