The Absolute Best Way To Come Up With Post Ideas
The Absolute Best Way To Come Up With Post Ideas

Today, we’re going to talk about the best way to come up with post ideas. Sometimes you can hit a brick wall in terms of content creation, so I’m going to share a secret and show you how to create amazing posts for your blog.


  • This is the single thing that helps me to create amazing content.
  • Remember that simplifying is the easiest way to get this done.
  • When we start to run out of ideas, we start to overthink things.
  • EXAMPLE: Buzzfeed is the master of this podcast topic. Their lists are very basic topics.
  • Think about things in a simple way that is approachable.
  • When you keep things simple and urgent, you will drive people to your blog.
  • EXAMPLE: Use words like ‘best.’ Also, people are more likely drawn to posts with odd numbers.

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