The Best Time To Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media
The Best Time To Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media

LaShawn in North Carolina wants to know when the best time would be to promote her posts on social media. While there is a hierarchy and standard, knowing your readers is the best way to get positive results. Here are the ground rules on when to use social media to your advantage.

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Industry Standard

  • Facebook: 1pm-4pm
  • Twitter/YouTube: 1pm-3pm
  • Pinterest: 2pm-4pm & 8pm-1am
  • Instagram: 9am-5pm

My Experience

  • Use Twitter around the clock. I constantly post content from my page. Current and past. Tweet hourly from 8am-5pm.
  • Only post on Facebook once or twice a day for past content, but for new posts it goes up automatically. Don’t want to oversaturate because of the way the site is set up.
  • Don’t use Instagram to promote the blog, but will put up outfit posts. Want IG to have a certain aesthetic. I do post daily.
  • Pinterest: Post at night when the baby is in bed. I’ve seen an influx in followers when I pin at night.
  • Youtube: No specific strategy, but if I have a new video I try to post before 5pm.

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