The Difference Between A Freelancer & An Entrepreneur
The Difference Between A Freelancer & An Entrepreneur

This is something that gets mixed up all the time, but I’m going to share something that I read online that completely changed my view. Here are the fundamental differences between being a freelancer and entrepreneur.


  • Someone who gets paid per hour for a specific task. You perform a specific project and get paid per hour for that action.
  • You don’t have a boss, and you’re able to create flexibility.Able to work at the pace of whomever you made the contract with.
  • EXAMPLE: A hairstylist that works in a salon and gets paid per hour/day for service.


  • Creates a business that is bigger than you are.
  • Doesn’t need to be there for the business to run. Takes money and puts it into a business that they don’t need to work at.
  • EXAMPLE: Owning a hair salon and paying stylists to work for the salon.
  • The company you’ve put together creates passive income. You make money in your sleep.
  • If you’re going to be an entrepreneur build a great business from a solid idea, and put the right people in place to ensure that the idea runs smoothly.

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