The Importance of Your Online Name
The Importance of Your Online Name

Today's question comes from Kyley in Arizona who asks: "Is it important to have your blog name correlate with other things you are doing? For example, should my blog name be the same as the name of my Etsy shop?" I break down 3 reasons why your online name is so important to build a profitable yet personal online brand.


  • You want to make it easy for readers or customers to find you
  • If you have a blog and online shop, the same name will make it more likely for readers to become customers


  • Naming your blog, online store and/or social handles the same thing creates familiarity with folks
  • Familiarity builds trust and when people trust you, they will pay you
  • It's easier to increase your social following across the board if you have the same name everywhere (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)


  • It's easier to build a loyal following when you have the same name everywhere
  • A loyal following works for you without think twice (retweeting, reposting, work of mouth marketing, etc)
  • They know what to expect from you, so they know how to sell you to others

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