The One Thing Your Content Absolutely Needs

The One Thing Your Content Absolutely Needs So, if you follow me on Twitter or Periscope then you know that I'm always talking about how important great content is. It is your duty as a blogger - especially one who wants to monetizing your blog - to provide great content (blog post, video or social) across the board. But how do you do that? Regardless of niche, what is the one thing that your content absolutely needs?


[bctt tweet="A great blogger always provides their reader with value filled content."]

You may have heard me say this time and time again. And to be honest, because blog coaching and consulting has become the new wave in the digital entrepreneur industry, it's certainly a buzz word that's been thrown around. But what does it actually mean. Value is essentially the usefulness of content. 

[bctt tweet="Content isn't king. Usefulness is."]

Listen, no one cares if you wrote a 2000 word blog post if you're not providing them with content they can't use. And the simplest way to figure out what your value is, is to know who your audience is. If your audience is a bunch of podcast nerds who want to know the latest and greatest trends on podcast culture, providing them with a really great makeup tutorial on highlighting and contouring really won't do much for them.

[bctt tweet="Your duty as a content creator is to provide readers with content they can use." via="no"]

Questions I like to ask while writing each post are: How is this going to help my reader? Will it help them while they shop? While they get dressed? While they cook? While they blog? Just to be clear, these are questions I ask pertaining to my existing audience. Be sure to ask questions according to who you speak to and who you blog for.

So, how have you made your blog content useful today?