The Perfect Fit with Pottery Barn Kids

The Perfect Fit with Pottery Barn Kids

It's hard to believe that Babyologie will be 2 in just a couple of weeks. All of sudden I'm paying a lot more attention to all the back to school action currently going on because we're getting closer to that stage (like next year!). She's also grasped the concept of school and how important a backpack is when you go to school so you can hold all your stuff. She's asked for one, but she's still so little, finding the right one has been a challenge.


We decided to head to Pottery Barn Kids to solve said challenge. I really love going to Pottery Barn Kids because instead just being at yet another store, it's an experience. Whether it's reading the books they have there or indulging in all the fun toys, Maizah always has a great time when we're there.

For back to school this season, Pottery Barn Kids has The Perfect Fit backpack no matter what level your child is. And every single backpack in there is so adorable that to pick one seems impossible. Maizah was so excited to pick one, but I was still convinced she wasn't big enough. Jessie at the store was so helpful and fitted Maizah on the spot with each size bag. Turns out, the Pre-K size backpack was perfect for her. We also found out we could monogram the backpack in the store, same day!

We went with the MacKenzie Aqua Glitter Dot Pre-K backpack (Maizah has a thing for mint!) and it's so perfect. Getting her initials monogrammed took 20 minutes max! Before we knew it, we were in and out. Watch how quick and easy finding the perfect backpack at the store was here:


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