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The Real Reason I Went Vegan-ish

Mattie James10 Comments
The Real Reason I Went Vegan-ish

One my favorite vegan lunches: avocado toast and tomato soup. It's LIT.

For most of you who follow me, you know that I have jumped on the vegan train. While I know veganism (is that even a word?) has become a trend as of late, my reasoning is a little bit more serious. While being healthy and fit is the goal, I acquired a vegan diet because of one reason only: fibroids.

Many of you have heard of fibroids - if you haven't you can read more about them here - but they are incredibly common with over 200,00 cases in the US on an annual basis. African American women are more prone to developing them, but the case of them being so common (and after weeks worth of research) makes me believe that they are in fact due to the very American processed food diet. While none of this has been proven by doctors, I can bet my life savings that the biggest cause of fibroids is the synthetic estrogen in processed foods. Typically, you tend you have fibroids when you have too much estrogen in your system.

After putting two and two together. I figured if I eat clean, I could get rid of my fibroids holistically. To be fair, this is a tough feat because I have two large fibroids. One is 9cm, the other is 8cm (the average case of fibroids is 1cm to 3cm). Of course, doctors told me I'd never be able to get rid of them naturally. One told me I would need to get a hysterectomy to get rid of them and the other said I would definitely need surgery (or look, and I quote, "3 months pregnant for the rest of your life.") Countless hours of research have shown me stories of 1000s of women getting rid of fibroids holistically through vegan diets and acupuncture, only proving that the doctors I spoke to aren't only wrong, but clueless.

I found out about my fibroids in 2011 after having a miscarriage. I had three and had passed one, so that alone told me that I could get rid of these things if I really wanted to. I didn't really commit to a healthier diet after the miscarriage, but did find this supplement that helped shrink them. At the time, my fibroids were 13cm and 12cm. By the time I got pregnant in 2014, they were 9cm and 8cm. I had only taken the supplements for 3 months, and inconsistently at that.

Blessed we were able to get pregnant and I had a healthy pregnancy with #Babyologie. The fibroids degenerated - meaning blood supply was cut off to them by my second trimester so it did not interfere with the growth of the baby. However, the degeneration process was painful for about 3 to 4 days. While I do want to have a second baby, I want to do it without fibroids.

So, last year, I got serious about eating healthier. I omitted meat products completely - no meat, fish or dairy - and noticeably looked better. My belly is even more flat than before I was pregnant. I committed to a true vegan diet for about 2 months before getting back into fish and dairy. I tried to "cheat" and eat chicken but my body was like, "not for you sis." I dabble into dairy very sporadically but for the most part, being vegan has been incredibly rewarding internally and externally.

I also started taking the supplement again and drinking this tea daily. (If you're based in Atlanta, they sell it at Sevananda in Little Five as well.) It is easily the worst tasting tea on the planet, but I've noticed and felt results almost immediately. I haven't had an ultrasound to measure the fibroids yet - I want to give this ample time - but I know I'm going to get rid of these things.

We'd love to get pregnant next year, but I told Hubs only if we get rid of these fibroids. My mission is to get rid of them through a change in lifestyle and prove to women who have similar stories that you don't have to get cut open to beat these things. Plus, I read about 100s of women having surgery and the fibroids coming back a year later after the procedure. It starts within, not without.

I'll keep you guys posted.

*PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor or medical specialist. Please consult your doctor or medical advisor before taking specialty supplements or products.