Tuxedo Dress + Gold Watch

DRESS // Slate & Willow c/o RTR -- SHOES // ZARA -- WATCH // Target (similar) --

all photos by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie; styling by Christopher Jamar

I cannot express to you how cold it was the day we shot these outfit photos. Like 28 degrees cold. Like "do I live in Atlanta?" cold. But we figured out a way to pull it off and Kaye, Chris & I were able to create some type of magic. 

Hubs and I were chatting about Valentine's Day and while we doing lots of fun things this month, we really "forgot" about good ole February 14th. He then coyly asked me, "is it okay to want to spend Valentine's Day with Maizah, too?" which makes me melt immediately. So on Sunday while everyone is spending time with their special one, I'll be spending time with my special ones

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, my go to is always a little black dress. It's honestly a solid decision - every type of woman with any shape under the sun looks good in a little black dress. I'd wear this to work, on an afternoon date or to a meeting with other stylish people to say, "I'm professional and stylish, too."