What I Eat In A Day

If I'm being honest, I'm totally a meat and potatoes girl. I love a French fry. Hell, I love fast food. However, it certainly doesn't love me—or anyone for that matter.

Since #Babyologie has been born, I've made an effort to cook more and eat a lot healthier. I was forced to eat better because I breastfed, and boy do you need as many calories that you can get. And now that she eats table food, I'm trying to create good eating habits for her.

On a vain note, I wanted to look good this summer, so I got serious about working out and creating a diet where my body would reap the benefits. I've shared on social media that I've gone vegan a couple times—for a month, each time—to help eliminate my fibroid naturally. My body also reacts positively when I omit dairy, meat, and seafood.

As of late, I've been focusing on eating organic and more on the vegetarian side. (I eat meat or fish once a day.) While I'm not omitting dairy completely, keeping it at a minimum has made a difference in my skin and waist.

So far, my current diet has been incredibly beneficial. I have insane amounts of energy, my skin is clear, and my body is the strongest it's been within the last year. Here's what I eat in a day:

BEFORE BREAKFAST: Hazelnut coffee with almond milk and 2 tsp of sugar // Caffeine isn't great for fibroids (or skin for that matter), so I keep it in moderation and drink just an 8 oz cup every day.

BREAKFAST: Gluten-free oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, and brown sugar // I load my oatmeal up with berries—lots of them—and just a tsp of brown sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth. Typically, I don't do a lot sugar, but if I do, I like to get it out of the way early. If I'm out of oatmeal, I usually go for toast.

SNACK: Organic almonds and pumpkin seeds // Nothing fancy. I live for almonds and pumpkin seeds complement the taste for me. Both are loaded with protein (especially the pumpkin seeds) which is great for your gains (muscle) when you work out!

LUNCH: Veggie wrap // While I would love to be one of those people who eats a salad every day, I just can't. Or don't, anyways. I like to get my veggies in a wrap. The veggie wrap from Publix is my fave. I get the spinach tortilla with light mustard, cheddar cheese, spinach, cucumber, and tomato with salt and pepper. So filling.

SNACK: A banana or granola bar // The banana is great because of the potassium (which helps your muscles when they're sore). The oats from the granola have protein which is, again, good for them gains. (Careful to not buy granola bars loaded with sugar and barely any protein.)

DINNER: Wild caught salmon with avocado salsa and quinoa // So filling, yet uber healthy. The salmon and avocado have loads of healthy fats and, strangely enough, help keep your belly flat. The quinoa and salmon are protein friendly, and avocado salsa is superb on anything.

I also get about 60-70 oz of alkaline water in my system to stay hydrated for my long work days and intense workouts (not to mention the benefits for your skin and sleep). In the summer, I like to add fruit for a little je ne sais quoi. (When I'm hydrated it's easier to get out of bed!)

I'm curious, what do you eat in a day?