White Sweater + Floral Midi Skirt

SWEATER // Forever 21 -- SKIRT // Choies -- FLATS // Target -- WATCH // Larsson & Jennings

all photos by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie; styling by Christopher Jamar

Aside from the pollen, spring is awesome. I've got full blown spring fever and I'm loving life. I'm wearing more dresses, get more work done and enjoying that extra 1-2 hours of sunlight. 

There's a few things happening in my business that are just as exciting as they are scary. You know sometimes we ask God for certain things and then he waits on us to take action so He can deliver. I guess I've been taking action because He is delivering. These things scare me but I want them more than I'm scared of them. But I'm pushing through because sometimes through the stress and pressure of rising to the occasion, you become the version of yourself you only ever dreamed of becoming.

Push through. You're closer than you think.