Why No One Is Commenting On Your Blog

Why No One Is Commenting On Your Blog

Whenever I get questions about blogging, one of the top questions I get is, "Why isn't anyone commenting on my posts?" It's something that all bloggers deal with in the beginning. And as you get better and your content becomes more visible, the lack of comments starts to haunt you.

It's important to know one thing: visible doesn't necessarily equal valuable. Which means just because you're creating content, doesn't mean it's of value to your audience.

Sometimes bloggers get caught up in the rabbit hole of posting just to be noticed.

But the problem is you're too focused on being NOTICED by your audience, instead of NURTURING your audience.

You have to feed your audience good content. The reaction you get determines the reach and performance of your content. But here's the uppercut:

Blog comments. Don't. Matter.

Wait, what?

You read that right. Comments on your blog don't matter. Engagement on SOCIAL MEDIA matters.

While I totally appreciate the nice things you guys have to say about my blog posts, my content becomes more valuable every time you take action because of my posts.

I have hundreds of followers who tweet me or leave a comment on my Instagram posts to tell me how great they thought my latest post was. And then there's the reader who didn't comment at all but shared the post on all of their platforms—this is way more impactful than a blog comment that would've solely stroked my ego.

And here's the thing—I get comments. On my blog? Not so much. On social because that's where I promote my content? ALL DAY. And that's what matters to brands and other content creators who may want to collaborate. They want to ensure that content not only causes excitement, but also engagement.

Social media is a language that you must speak fluently with your content.

Remember, social media is a language that you must speak fluently with your content. The ultimate goal of social media is engagement that gets your audience clicking, sharing, and talking.

Social media engagement trumps blog comments any day.

So why aren't your readers commenting on your blog? Because they'd rather engage with you on social and share your content if you've made it valuable for them.

Have you given them the opportunity to do that?