Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Hey there. You're probably really anxious to find out why you don't have thousands of readers on your blog. You're probably here to find out the secret spell you have to chant three times per post to make magical readers all of a sudden appear. But that's not what this post will do. All this post will make you do is create better content. I'm a not witch doctor, you guys. Just a blogger who can show you how to get more readers with better content.

I'll tell you the truth. No one's reading your blog because your content could be better. Don't beat yourself up about it. We all start with a handful of readers. And we all produce some subpar content in the beginning. People read blogs that have amazing, fulfilling posts on a regular basis. Your readers want to know that they'll get a good thing over and over AND OVER again. Yep, that consistency thing actually matters.

So, where do you start? 

Well, there are three things your blog posts aren't which is causing everyone to pass on your blog. The good news is that this is totally fixable.


More than anything else a post should be valuable AKA USEFUL. What's. The. Point. Of. This. Post? How are you helping your reader? Are you informing them? And this could be anything from the top 10 couponing blogs to where to find this amazing leather jacket online. But if you ask me:

[bctt tweet="A blog post should always inform your reader about something they actually care about. "]

In my style posts here on Mattieologie, I tell you guys where I purchased what I'm wearing in case you like something so much that you want to purchase it as well. And to go the extra mile, in my post, I try to include why I like a certain outfit and where I would or have worn.

In my "B-posts" (as I like to call them), I try to tell my reader why they should do X to make their blog, brand or social media better. That's what I'm an expert in, so I try my best to share information that my reader can use to elevate and even monetize their blog because I know that's what my reader is interested in.


Remember that one time you went out on a date with a person who was nice, but had no personality whatsoever? Probably not because you're too busy swooning over the person who has personality. And if you're lucky, you married them like I did. Believe it or not, people like personality, Batman. They really do. Now, no one's saying that you have to be a stand up comedian or be something that you're not, but you most certainly need to lead with what makes you interesting. Not "important." INTERESTING.

Since words mean things, let's dissect interesting.

INTERESTING. Adjective. Arousing curiosity or interest; catching or holding the attention. 

If you need help, ask your closest friends or spouse/significant other what they find interesting about you. Pay attention to what your social media followers respond to. Believe it or not, your very first followers are leaving you crumbs of clues. They will let you know what they like. Whether it's a blog comment, retweet or Instagram like, pay attention (and then dissect) what people in your life and on your blog RESPOND to. It's more than likely what they are interested in.

Why No One is Reading Your Blog | Mattieologie


In breaking news, regardless of what we've been told, we all judge a book by its cover. It's not because we're these malicious, surface creatures. But we're human. We respond to things first by sight and then everything else.

So if you have a post on your blog, that is value packed and incredibly interesting but screams "unattractive" the likelihood of it being read is low. Very low.

To be clear, I'm not asking you to become a graphic design wiz overnight. I am asking you to pay attention to aesthetic and stop making things so busy. Pay attention to the things you think are aesthetically pleasing and that you like from a design standpoint. I bet that all of the things you can think of are "pretty" yet incredibly simple. You know why?

Because less is more. LESS. IS. MORE.

Take clear photographs, pay attention to angles and lighting. Before you post something, ask yourself "would I read this if I saw this picture?" Stop just throwing any kind of picture up on your post for the sake of saying that you posted.

[bctt tweet="You don't get credit for doing something. You get credit for doing something right."]

Don't stop blogging, just get better as you go along. In the beginning, not many people will read your blog, but if you keep going and learn how to get better the people will come.

Why No One Is Reading Your Blog