The Number One Reason Why Your Blog Isn't Growing

When it comes to blogging there's so much to keep up with. The trends change so often, but the hardest thing about having a blog is building an audience. It is without question the number one question I get from readers. How do you build your following? What kind of content should I post? Is there something that I can do to get them to keep coming back? How often should I post? 

Well, the short and surface answer is you need to be where your target audience is and talk to them. If they're on Twitter, get on Twitter and engage with them organically. 

That's only some of the issue

But there's a bigger reason why your content just isn't sticking. Some of you guys are fairly consistent and putting out content that people say they will be interested in and folks still aren't coming back to read or even giving your content a real chance. You've read ebooks on it, taken email courses and even listened to a variety of podcasts and Periscopes. And for whatever reason (which I'll pinpoint in this post) your blog just won't grow.

The number one reason why your blog isn't growing is because it's dated. You're producing content like it's 3-5 years ago.

The number one reason your blog isn't growing is because it's dated.

T W E E T  T H I S.

With digital trends changing so often with rapid turnaround, you as an online content creator have to be on trend. Not around it, not near it, not down the street from it, but ON it. And if you are not, your readership will be minimal or even worse, non existent.

Think about it: the people who read blogs and consume information online are usually on trend or expect to learn the latest digital trends - from visuals, social platforms & latest software - from those who make their content online. If you are not doing that, then you will continue to lack readers.

There's a few reasons why your content is dated. Here are 3 that are probably standing out the most:

Presentation is important, but only if it's relevant
. Many of you are using templates that were the standard 5 or more years ago. This is a problem for a number of reasons: 1. It's probably not mobile friendly - which is imperative because over 51% of internet usage is via mobile as of last year. 2. No one wants to look at something that looks old. If VOGUE magazine looked like it did in 1978 today, it probably still wouldn't be on newsstands. Updating your look isn't just for clothes and makeup, but certainly for your blog layout when you're a content creator.

If you're not making content that is social friendly - that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. - don't bother making content. Think about the last 3 online articles or posts you read. You probably found out about each of them via social. 63% of social media users consume their news from Facebook & Twitter. Your content included. Make sure that 63% see your content and click your link to read your content. It's that important.

If it's not social friendly, don't bother creating online content.

T W E E T  T H I S.

You're not sharing your content with your email subscribers and your pageviews are paying the cost. Oh, you don't have an email list? That's the problem right there. Having an email list in 2016 is imperative because there is sooooooo much content online and you need to personally remind those who actually want to consume your content via their inbox. Give them a reason - ahem, lead magnet - as an incentive to join your list. You'll notice that as your email list grows, so will your pageviews.

So, how will you revamp your blog to make sure it's not dated moving forward?