We take bath time very seriously over here. Honestly, getting Maizah in a bath and bed time routine early on has made her a great sleeper. (Which as a new parent is like hitting the jackpot.) Of course bath time is important because it sets her up for the kind of sleep she'll have. 

We really enjoy Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash because it's mild (even mild enough for newborns) and doesn't leave her skin dried out like other body washes have left it. Obviously, the softer her skin feels, the better her sleep is. A win-win.

Recently, Johnson's introduced the Head To Toe baby cream which perfectly compliments the body wash. Not only is it pH balanced for your little one's skin, it has vitamin E to maintain baby's natural moisture.

I sing to her while getting her all lotioned up, give her a little baby massage before praying and reading a book. She takes her book choice very seriously. 

The most important thing I noticed is to keep our bath + bedtime routine around the same time daily. When we do, Maizah smiles a lot more and is just happier throughout the week. 

I am far from a baby expert, but creating a bath and bedtime routine that relaxes Maizah has really helped me as a new mom. 

This post is sponsored by Johnson's but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support Mattieologie!