So, you have a business. Or a business idea. It’s brilliant. You drafted up a plan in your mind. It’s a solid one. You know what tools you need to get. The list is long, but realistic. You’ve narrowed exactly what you need to make to leave the day job. You’ve imagined what this day is like over and over and over again. You’re even willing to do the work.

You just don’t have the time. Because, work. And the kids. And the spouse. And sleep.

That’s why you need the #WKNDpreneur webinar.

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Imagine if you came up with the ultimate process to seamlessly run your business on the weekends while you work your 9 to 5. A system that freed up your time and made you more productive during the time you work on your side business. You wouldn’t be tired, you’d be energized to work more. You wouldn’t be stuck, you would be clear on how to get further.

During the #WKNDpreneur webinar, you’ll learn how to create:

  • Workable Schedule
  • Kick Ass System
  • No Nonsense Strategy
  • Due Dates & Deadlines

If you’re ready to make time to take your side business to the next level this year, you don’t want to miss #WKNDpreneur.

Join us Sunday, January 31 at 2pm EST

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Mattie is an online influencer and the blogger behind, mattieologie.com. She maintained a demanding 9 to 5 as a showroom manager while running a successful blog & brand from 2012 to 2015, before transitioning to blogging full time in June 2015. Mattie has worked with the likes of American Express, H&M, Cotton, Macy’s and more.



"Melissa Kimble is a Chicago based social media strategist and writer who is on a mission to strengthen Creatives and their missions from the inside out. As the Creator of My Creative Connection and #blkcreatives, Melissa is building a productive and fruitful platform for Creatives of Color. She currently serves as the Senior Social Media Manager for EBONY and EBONY.com and loves music, art and really good Mexican food. You can connect with her on Twitter at @Melissa_Kimble and at melissakimble.com.